Personal notes to Certain Political Factions

I happen to have had a few days off over the holiday and of course, it rained every. single. day!  So, I happened to watch a whole lot of TV and of course at this point in time, it’s a whole lot of political bullcrap…especially after yesterday’s FBI announcement clearing Hillary of any criminal charges but saying enough to set off both echo chambers.  I have a few opinions for each of the important factions at this time.  Today, I’ll start with Bernie Sanders.

For Bernie Supporters

I know, I know. I supported him too. For the first time in many, many years I was excited about a candidate.  Bernie spoke to both heart and mind.  What he has worked for his entire life were the same type of issues I would’ve liked to work for my whole life. I didn’t do much more than drag out my soap box on occasion but Bernie did.  Bernie was the little known socialist toiling away in obscurity for years until he wasn’t this year.  His ideas literally burst on the scene in ways no one saw coming.  I’d like to think he was the sane voice in the wilderness of the aggrieved middle class remnants.  He reached an untapped and for years hidden well of like-minded former hippies and a whole new demographic of young people who do not ascribe to the fear of socialism many older Americans do.  And it caught like wild-fire!

Unfortunately, for many different reasons, that wild-fire didn’t extend to actually voting.

That’s right. He lost. HRC got a whole lot more votes than Bernie got.  Now, you can complain about it.  You can say the system was rigged.  Maybe it was.  You can say there was voter suppression and/or actual flipped votes.  Again, maybe there were problems.  There usually are.  Somehow, after all these years, we seem to still be unable to have smooth elections.  It happens every time.  The losers always complain that somehow they were cheated. And maybe they were but there is no way to prove it and no way to do it over.  So now it’s time to just stop and STFU. No, HRC is not being indicted and no, there’s no way in hell the delegates are going to flip for Bernie.  Most of HRC’s superdelegates HATE Bernie-legitimately or not, they will NOT VOTE FOR HIM.  It’s over. It is done! As disappointing as it is, Bernie Sanders will NOT be President of the US.

At this point, we have a few options.  We can continue to act like spoiled children and help the Republicans out by continuing to bash her.  It’s particularly galling to hear Bernie supporters regurgitating the Republican talking points over the last 20 years. Yes, she has some issues.  Yes, she is the epitome of the caricature politician. No, I don’t agree with her on a whole lot of issues BUT she is far and away better than what the other side is offering. Most of the talking points the R’s use are lies they have been telling for 20 years. The Clintons do have the unmistakable ability to look like trouble even when it’s not any different than any one else (see email and Benghazi and Vince Foster and Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, etc.) The problem is, the Republicans are just a bunch of hypocrites and they are the ones who put most of this “dishonesty” stuff out there for public consumption. Hillary isn’t any different than most of them-exception of course for our dude. Hillary has always stood up for children and women’s issues…that is important to me.  She is very strong on gun control and that is important to me.  Yes, she is status quo but at least I can live with that but I refuse to consider the option of doing anything to help elect Donald Trump because he would be devastating for our country and what would happen to the Supreme Court makes me want to cry for the generation to follow!

Now many of you say that you would NEVER vote for Hillary.  You claim you’re voting for Bernie Sanders regardless.  Some of you say you will vote for Jill Stein.  Some of you say you won’t vote at all.  I say you’re all acting like the freakin’ Tea Party.  Grow up!!!!! No, HRC is NOT as good as our candidate but she IS the only other VIABLE candidate. Believe me when I tell you that all these Republicans who say #neverTrump are lying.  When it comes down to it, they will pull that lever or make that X for the Donald before they would EVER vote for a Democrat-especially the Democrat they have hated and made up stuff about for over 20 years. So remember when Bush “won” against Gore? Remember what that got us? Yeah. If you really want to make things better, you need vote for the better, more qualified candidate and that is Hillary Clinton.

And instead of continuing to act like spoiled children, you should drag your ass out of your chair in 2018 and try voting in midterms so we don’t have a gerrymandered government of conservative candidates trying to take away your rights and stopping the elected President from doing any of the things we said we wanted but were too lazy to bother to vote in the midterms. You should still do just what Bernie said and work for and vote for progressive candidates who will represent you the way you want instead of allowing the fear mongers to set the agenda.

NEXT: To Hillary Supporters.


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